Studies in Cognitive Science and Studies in Architecture: Connectionism and Friends of Kebyar


Recently I was reminded of Friends of Kebyar.  It struck me that they are an architectural group whose founding principles include a dedication to organic growth, nature, beauty, and the ways that such can be instantiated symbolically in the built world.  I thought of the FOK with renewed enthusiasm because there is potentially much room for the exploration and association of their core principles and the sorts of dynamic systems principles being explored in cognitive science.  I think that a renewed membership in the organization is worthwhile.  I think also that I enjoyed the people I met at the previous two events I attended.  Further, when it is time to relocate it may be a connection to a group of individuals who share similar design principles.  I need to first study cognitive science.  I think that I will attempt to organize a formal study of it…kind of like survey courses…of the literature of the field.

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