My personal goal is to mix design, research, and practice and see what happens.

These are the musings and play and explorations that occupy me in my free moments.

P.S.  A note about posts and dates:  The posts, which I call, musings, are an archive of short, informal essays i.e., my musings.  Why call them musings? Keep in mind that I began drafting these and archiving them before I knew of blogs or blog posts — and before I even had a computer ! Therefore, musings is how I’ve always thought of them. They go back to about 1999 or 2000.  I’ve decided to clean them up and post them.  At the top of each post is at least one date which indicates when the musing was drafted.  The format is (year.month.day), e.g., today, January 7th, 2013, would be written 13.01.07.  If a musing was written and then edited later, the edit dates are also noted.  For instance, a musing drafted on February 11, 2001 and updated on September 6, 2005 would have the dates appear as follows:  01.02.11 / 05.09.06.

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