My personal goal is to mix design, research, and practice and see what happens.

These are the musings and play and explorations that occupy me in my free moments.

P.S.  A note about posts and dates:  The posts, which I call, musings, are an archive of short, informal essays i.e., my musings.  Why call them musings? Keep in mind that I began drafting these and archiving them before I knew of blogs or blog posts — and before I even had a computer ! Therefore, musings is how I’ve always thought of them. They go back to about 1999 or 2000.  I’ve decided to clean them up and post them.  At the top of each post is at least one date which indicates when the musing was drafted.  The format is (year.month.day), e.g., today, January 7th, 2013, would be written 13.01.07.  If a musing was written and then edited later, the edit dates are also noted.  For instance, a musing drafted on February 11, 2001 and updated on September 6, 2005 would have the dates appear as follows:  01.02.11 / 05.09.06.


About Me:

Joe Manganelli, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, PhD, Architect, Human Factors Consultant

My goal is improving the capacity of the built environment to enhance human health, well-being, and cognition. In support of this goal, I am formally trained in both architecture and human factors, with several years of professional experience in each domain. Through my professional practice, I integrate knowledge from both architecture and human factors in order to design better environments in which to perform work.

I am an architect, human factors consultant, Innovation Catalyst, and sustainability consultant with Fluor Enterprises, Inc. in its Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing (LSA&M) division. In this role, I work primarily on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food processing facility design and construction. On these projects, I have provided support for general architectural services in all project phases, as well as leadership with respect to architectural visualization, sustainable design practices, and energy analysis. In addition to my role as an architect, I am also an Innovation Catalyst, helping Fluor to integrate business process/technology innovation into daily practice.

Outside of Fluor, I completed a human factors-focused post-doctoral research fellowship at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, studying the effects of distracted driving on driving performance. I remain research-active and now also teach online graduate courses (part-time) on information architecture and user experience research for Kent State University’s School of Information (this is a result of my human factors background).  I am the founder of xplr design, llc, a human factors consultancy.

I am also active in the broader professional arenas of architecture, human factors, and sustainable design. I am Fluor’s representative on the South Carolina Manufacturing Alliance Advisory Council on Cognitive Computing. I am a member of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ (NIBS) buildingSMART Alliance Thought Leadership & Information Standards Subcommittees, which influence the strategic development of national building information modeling (BIM) standards. I am a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s (HFES) Systems Development, Environmental Design, Macroergonomics, and Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Technical Groups, annually reviewing conference paper submissions, and the current editor of the Environmental Design Technical Group newsletter. I contribute to the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) Internet-of-Things-Enabled Smart-City Framework project. I am a past volunteer treasurer, vice-chair, and co-chair of the U.S. Green Building Council South Carolina Market Leadership Advisory Board.  I annually authors 1-5 peer-reviewed and research-oriented articles, technical papers, and presentations that appear in professional journals and conferences, as well as maintaining a Fluor Greenville Innovation blog.

My project experience at Fluor includes the following:
– CSL Behring (architectural building information modeling (BIM) and technical detailing)
– Procter & Gamble (architectural BIM, technical detailing, and rendering)
– Novo Nordisk (architectural BIM, rendering, room criteria sheets, egress studies, LEED AP)

I have approximately eleven years of architectural experience focused on industrial, K-12, and higher education market sectors. Architectural experience includes:
– feasibility studies,
– project scope definition,
– program definition,
– budget estimating,
– client interaction,
– code assessments,
– sustainable design consulting,
– code compliance,
– rendering/visualization,
– project management,
– conceptual design,
– design development,
– construction documents,
– technical specifications,
– construction administration.

I have approximately seven years of human factors and systems research experience focused on research studies with human subjects, website/software information architecture and user experience research and analysis, systems modeling, and requirements definition for complex, interactive systems. Human factors and systems research experience includes:
– heuristic evaluations,
– persona development,
– market research/analysis,
– task analysis,
– cognitive work analysis,
– card sorting (open and closed),
– interviewing (structured, semi-structured, unstructured, contextual inquiry),
– delphi method assessments,
– Kano modeling/analysis,
– survey design/administration/analysis,
– design structure matrix (DSM) analysis,
– blueprinting,
– wireframing,
– basic statistical quantitative analysis (using spreadsheets and SPSS),
– qualitative assessments,
– research design,
– requirements elicitation,
– requirements definition,
– requirements validation,
– grant writing,
– managing federally funded research studies,
– software/software tool development,
– studies on distracted driving, wayfinding in complex indoor environments, and design/development of interactive/assistive patient technologies.



I have formal educational and professional experience in building design and construction, human factors psychology, information architecture, and user experience research. I have:

  • an accredited professional degree in architecture (Bachelor of Architecture) from Auburn University, a
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Auburn University,
  • a Master of Science in Applied Psychology with Human Factors focus from Clemson University,
  • and a PhD in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment from Clemson University.

Prior to joining Fluor, I completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CUICAR) working as a human factors professional on a federally funded study of the effects of distracted driving on driving performance. I have also conducted a research study on wayfinding in complex indoor environments, several studies on use of overbed tables and nightstands in hospitals, a study on developing design methods and tools, and has worked on building design and construction as a designer and as a contractor since about 2000.


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