Here We Go…


So many thoughts are coming up upon me so quickly at this moment.  I think it is a combination of reading Plato’s, “Parmenides”, and listening to George Winston.  This is arguably right up there with “Theatetus”, Symposium, Phaedra, and the Republic for most influential Platonic writings.  I already acknowledge that I’ll have to read it again.  Its importance weighs on me even before I’ve finished reading it for the first time and it gets me excited.  The subject of the one in the many and vice versa goes right to the heart of so much.  Not only is this the mystery of the Divinity, which is supremely curious since this treatise was written some 600 years before Christ, but, taking into account the notion of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, we have in the Hypostasis, Civilization, and Culture…or rather, in Abstract Technology, Proper Object Technology, and Interpretive Technology the same pattern, functioning…in essence the same described with new terminology, without even intending such.  To take it one step further, we are talking about a process through which humanity passes its own explorations…a set of enduring constructs that represents and reveals a fundamental underlying truth…this is God as a preservative for that which people wish to remember about existence – the mystical and sacred relationship between the part and the whole.

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