Limiting Parameters


I wish I could remember how I thought about this at the time. To the best of my recollection, this is what I was thinking. Though I do think that what is about to come out is only the roughest outline of the thought.

 Our technology is very limited. Of course it is very advanced, but it innovates so rapidly. It is full of bugs and glitches and aspects which never quite fully obtained. We, the humans compensate for this. At times, this means that, for the technology to deliver, we accept its shortcomings and make up for them with exhaustive manual work…same as always. At times, this means that we let go of certain expectations and accept whatever the technology can deliver. At times, this means that we limit our conceptions to only those realizable through a given technology.

 In a way, to the extent that we own and command our technology, it owns and commands us. What is the benefit? How far should we accommodate technology which is meant to accommodate us? How much should we limit our conceptions of ourselves, our environment, and our capabilities to those which conveniently work with technology?

Where is the humanity?

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