Factories, Production Regulation, Civilization, Bodies


Today I learned about how reinforced rubber sheet is made.  It is a beautiful, complex process that involves myriad elements, processes, heating, cooling, forming, mixing, refining, etc.  At various points during the process, there are stages that sort and store the products at various stages of development.  In doing so, a temporary backlog of product is built up at a location, guaranteeing that as the products go on to the next phase, there will be a consistent feed.  This assures continuity of process and timeliness down-the-line, even if there is a hickup or anomaly earlier in the process.

While learning about this, I thought that in effect, what these hold and sort stages do is roughly equivalent to pressurizing a system to ensure that it operates regularly in a certain way, despite environmental fluctuations.  Then I realized that our bodies do this same thing, both with regard to temperature and blood pressure; but also with regard to the continuous electrical signals traversing the brain and nervous system.

Next the thought abstracted further, folding into the assertion that humanity’s allegiance is pulled both toward serving in the maintenance and advancement of civilization, with a level of disregard for self, but also pulled toward honoring that which makes humanity in general and individuals specifically so unique and special, our ability to serve esoteric and spiritual aims at the expense of the exigencies of civilization.  If it is assumed that the human civilization, just like the species, is evolving, then perhaps “pressurizing the system” to ensure regular and continuous development across a range of changing environmental conditions is also part of the civilization’s development.  It is possible to read this into the rise of very large corporations and both the wonders and challenges they represent.  How do we sustain their benefits while making them agile and resilient enough that they can maintain the characteristics we desire without eventually being compelled to stagnate change and development in order to preserve their stability and prosperity?  It seems we are moving toward a healthy middle ground…which may be the same as pressurizing the cardiovascular system of the civilization.

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